Run Brixton 10k


This was a really good race. It was so good that I I feel pretty bad about how tardy this race report is, good races deserve timely race reports. But enough self-flagellation, this was a good race! The weather was perfect, the vibe was chilled, it was super organised without being hard work, there was flapjack and friendly faces (hey Elle!) and it made me feel good! 

There is no more that anyone could ask for. 

Brockwell Park is one of South East London's finer parks. That's high praise, because South East London is chock full of fine parks. Just off Herne Hill, nestled between Brixton and the more suburban corners of the city it's a lovely spot and the perfect location for a Sunday morning race. 

There are just two downsides - it's quite small, so three laps were required, and there's a bloody great hill in the middle of it. Go up and down that thing three times and you will feel it!

This race was my first opportunity to test out my half marathon training, and with a time within 30 seconds of my PB (which was set on a flat course!) it feels like things are on track. I felt strong the whole way around, and like I could have kept going at the end - always a relief when you have to run twice as far in the not too distant future!

Hills have their challenges, and don't my calves know it, but they also have their joys. Joys that really come in to their own when they allow you to race down to a finish line at full pelt, shorts flying and legs pounding. I love a sprint finish, but my that is a lot of thigh! (photo via RunThrough)

Finish line treats come a very close second to down hill sprit finishes, and these flapjacks by Lady Sponge Fingers were amazing. Homemade treats are always the best, and it's even better if they are a surprise! 

RunThrough know how to put on a good race. They aren't flash, they aren't fussy, but they do do things properly. The company is run by runners, for runners, and it shows. The things that matter have been thought about, everyone is sensible, professional and friendly, and while there typically aren't medals the entry prices are really reasonable (Run Brixton cost me £14 as a non-affiliated runner). I can't fault them, and I can't wait for my next RunThrough race!