Five Tips for a Better Run-Commute

Working 9 to 5 (or often 8 to 6) can make it tricky to fit in training. There isn't always the opportunity to nip out for a run at lunch time, and when I get home it can be hard to drag myself back out. 

My solution has been to run commute.

- trading my train journey for a run. A few times a week I run all or part of my way to or from work, and I love it! It doesn't take much longer than the train, it is quite a bit cheaper, and it leaves me with a happy little runner's high. The perfect boost at the end of a long day or the start of a busy one.

Below are my five tips for a better run-commute:

preparation is everything

 - nobody wants to strain their back, so if you are running to work plan ahead and take in everything you need to look presentable the day before. And don't forget your skirt...I've never quite lived that one down.

get a pack that fits

- a well fitting pack makes a world of difference, you will enjoy your run so much more if your pack doesn't chafe and isn't swinging around. When I started out I picked up a cheap and cheerful pack from Decathlon and it's been amazing.

scope out the showers

- I'm really lucky in that my work seems to have more showers that your average block of flats. However, not every office is quite so equipped. Don't let a lack of washing facilities stand in your way, have a chat to the manager at your local gym and see what deals can be struck, make friends with a colleague who lives close to the office, or see if another company in your building has a shower. There are ways around everything!

keep socks at work

- I always forget to take socks when I run home from work. It costs me a bomb. I am not saying you will forget socks, but there will be something! Whatever it is you always forget get spares and stash them in your desk. 

vary the route

- for months I ran the same route and, while it got me where I needed to go, it got boring! One of the things I love about running is how it lends itself to exploration, so obviously this was no good! Checking out google maps it turned out there were tonnes of options that got me to work in just the same time, but with a little more variety.