Bupa Great Birmingham Run - week two

This has been one of those weeks that was a total whirlwind, they type that chews you up and spits you out. Which is pretty apt really, as it ended with a run through a hurricane (more on that later). Monday to Friday seemed to flash by, each day longer, busier, more productive than the next, which is pretty great if you need to get things done! The problem with these weeks is that they are exhausting - by Friday I was so tired that I bailed on my run for a nap...sometimes resting is the best option!

As well as bailing on my Friday run (and strength training) I also managed to miss yoga because I didn't realise the instructor was on holiday. I haven't been to yoga for weeks for various reasons and I really miss it, plus I know that my body would be so much happier after a good stretch. Fingers crossed I get there this week!

While I am a bit disappointed that I've missed a few sessions this week, overall I am really happy with my training. Every run had a purpose and contributed something to my progress, whether it was upping the pace on Wednesday or covering a longer distance on Friday. I still have a few little niggles in my left leg, but each week they are easing and I am feeling stronger. So far, so pleased with progress!

What I did this week...

Monday - 9.59 on an exercise bike and two rounds of bodyweight strength training

Tuesday - went to yoga, turned out my instructor was on holiday...

Wednesday - a swift 3.27 miles with the adidas26rs

Thursday - 3 mile run commute

Friday - skipped a 3 mile run and strength training for a nap...

Saturday - REST DAY

Sunday - 6.07 miles through the most insane rain with Laura and Josie

The highlight of this week's training has to be the 6 miles I ran with Laura and Josie through the tail end of hurricane Bertha from Highbury and Islington along secret trails winding up through North London to Alexandra Palace. Sheets of rain pelted down and we must have looked like lunatics running along, massive grins on our faces! We had so much fun, even if we were so wet it looked like we had been swimming!