Bupa Great Birmingham Run - week one


Week one of half marathon training and I feel like I have got off to a good start - sticking out 40 minutes on an exercise bike despite finding it excruciatingly boring (although my bum didn't hurt as much as I had feared - win!) and not skipping any session other than my off plan yoga class (and that was to deal with life-admin). The milage was low (a little over 13 miles total) but the gradual build appeals to me, and it means I get to enjoy my training rather than stress about taking on too much too soon. 

On the down side I have had a couple of niggles in my left leg over the week, but diligent stretching and foam rolling is dealing with that, and I am being mindful not to push myself too much in these early weeks. I will admit that I am terrified of getting injured again, it's the reason I am increasing my focus on strength and have chosen a pretty conservative training plan. I suspect it also means that each little niggle feels significant to me and explains why I am popping turmeric capsules like no tomorrow.

What I did this week...

Monday - 9.46km on an exercise bike and two rounds of bodyweight strength training

Tuesday - was supposed to go to yoga but needed to do stuff at home

Wednesday - 3.2 mile run (slightly longer than prescribed, but I needed to go to Sainsburys)

Thursday - 3.3 mile run (as above!)

Friday - 3 mile run and two rounds of bodyweight strength training

Saturday - REST DAY (and some serious foam rolling)

Sunday - 4 mile run

Because my runs this week have been pretty short I've stayed close to home and hung out in some of my favourite parks. South East London is dotted with little parks - there is literally one around every corner and it is easy to visit two or three in every run. I love that I can run through an unassuming car park and suddenly be by a river, or duck down a quiet lane and be in a lovely park. Runs around secret parks make me very happy!

The other thing that has made me very happy this week are my brand new short shorts! I love a good pair of short shorts, and this nike pair is killing it - obnoxiously bright and absurdly comfortable, they are a joy to run in and make me feel like a superstar!