Bupa Great Birmingham Run - week four

Last week life got busy. So busy that I even had to ask Flora to stand in and blog for me while I tried to balance work, training and an attempt at a social life. There were late nights, early starts and stressful days. By Friday evening I was so tired I skipped training and slept! 

From the outset training for Birmingham has been less about the race itself, and more about building a solid base before I start training for the Paris Marathon at the end of the year. What I've discovered is that it is a great opportunity to reflect on how I train, what works and what doesn't work - and I've learnt that training on a Friday just doesn't work for me! This week isn't the first time I've been too tired for a Friday session, so it's time to re-think and mix things up to find a better solution for me. 

The week wasn't all mild exhaustion, there was the premier of What We Do in the Shadows (which I would totally recommend you see when it comes out in November), a lovely race around Brockwell Park and some very serious eating! I mean, what is half marathon training without some serious eating?!

What I did this week - 

Monday - 45 minute kettlebell class followed by 17km on the bike

Tuesday - 3 mile run

Wednesday - REST DAY and Summer Screen!

Thursday - 4 mile run 

Friday - impromptu rest day

Saturday - REST DAY

Sunday - Run Brixton 10km Race