Run or Dye

I love fitness and I love having fun with my friends, so when the opportunity arises to get outside and have a blast with my girls I'm not going to say no...especially not when it's something as awesome as Run or Dye! This is a run designed for me - fitness and fun, all in one!

Run or Dye is the world's most colourful 5k celebrating fitness, friendship and fun - oh and you just happen to be blasted with brightly coloured dye paint (which is safe, eco-friendly, and plant based) while you run! Clad all in white you are transformed in to a human canvas as you run/dance/skip/moonwalk through each of the colour zones along the course. Could anything be more magical than becoming a human rainbow?! 

Running with friends can be a challenge - different levels of experience, different paces, different expectations - well this is one time that none of that will matter! 

Run or Dye is a race for everyone, and the first rule of Run or Dye is don't worry - be happy! This is one run where there is no need to worry if you are too fast, too slow, too old, too young, or too sexy! It is all about the experience, feeling the love and having a blast with your friends! I can't wait to get out there and get colourful at the London event!

With events all over the country there is no excuse not to get in on the action and get happy at Run or Dye...but if you need a little persuasion, how about £3 off when you register? Simply use the promo code SIMPELLE at the checkout and you are in! 

For your entry fee you will get doused in brightly coloured dye powder as you party along the 5k course, a bag crammed with goodies, including a Run or Dye t-shirt, and entry to the colour storm Dye Festival (just when you thought things couldn't get more colourful!).