Fitness First Home Run

It's no secret that I love to run commute - getting outside after a long day at a desk, skipping the stress of the tube, there is no better way to end the day. So when I heard about Fitness First Home Run I was pretty excited! 

Fitness First Home Run is a guided run commute with four scenic routes through Central London designed to get the city's worker bees home as swiftly as possible. But here's the thing that makes Fitness First Home Run different..they carry your bags!  

I opted for the Canary Wharf to Waterloo route which is about 8km along the river - one of my favourite places to run in the city, especially on a hot day! 

The route started at Westferry Station which is just outside Canary Wharf and, unless you know where you are going, a little hard to find! If Laureen hadn't shared a heads up about the meeting point, I might have got very lost!

Safely arrived at the meeting point I was given a Home Run T-shirt and wristband (to identify me as part of the group) and my bag was given an ID badge so that it didn't get lost. A quick register was taken and we were off along one of the prettiest routes in the city! 


Our group was escorted by two pacers, one at the front and one at the back. With just three runners this ought to have been a great set up - a happy little group taking in an evening run. Unfortunately, nearly as soon as we started the front pacer was belting off in front of the group, and pretty soon the rear pacer couldn't keep up. Within 2.5km we had lost sight of both of our pacers and were on our own. It was a good thing that the ladies I was running with (who were both awesome!) had both been along the route before! 

The run itself was lovely, weaving through the pretty backstreets of Wapping and along the Thames Path taking in some of the most spectacular sights like Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, The Globe, St Pauls, the Tate Modern and ending at the London Eye. It was pretty special! Oh and it was also pretty special to have our bags waiting for us at the end of the run!

Fitness First Home Run is a fantastic concept that I want to support, but the pacing did take some of the shine off my experience. I have fed back to the Fitness First Home Run team about my experiences and they have assured me that these issues will be rectified, which is really reassuring! Hopefully my next experience will be better!

Fitness First Home Run is £15 per season, or free if you are a Fitness First member.



After feeding back to Fitness First Home Run I am pleased to say that an awesome pacer led my run last Wednesday, making the whole experience really enjoyable, and pushing me to work that little bit harder than I might have if I was on my own :)