The Color Run

A couple of months ago I sent a text to my dear friend Becca proposing a dare, no details, no clues, just asking whether, if I dared her to do something, she would do it. The girl said yes, and that's how we ended up running The Color Run last weekend...5k of powder paint flying in all directions, transforming young and old in to rainbow creatures, and one woman running her first ever 'race'. It really is the happiest 5k!

Sunday afternoon and Wembley was swarming with thousands of people, all in identical t-shirts, all over excited about the prospect of what lay ahead - what is it about the idea of getting messy that does that to people?!

Being the efficient types (did I mention Becca and I met at law school?!) we managed to find ourselves nice and near the front - which turned out to be a good move, there were still people queuing up to enter the course long after we had finished!

Hitting the course I was excited to hit the colour (sorry, just can't keep up the American spelling!) stations - roughly positioned every km - first up was pink and it was so much fun running through plumes of colour! In fact it was so much fun I promptly forgot to take any more pictures, but blue, yellow and orange were all thrown about by some very enthusiastic volunteers, turning us in to human rainbows!

The Color Run was by far the most inclusive and diverse run I have ever taken part in, it was amazing to see so many people of all ages and abilities set out together. It didn't matter if you ran or walked, it really was the taking part that counted!

My dare to Becca wasn't to run The Color Run, it was to run 5k, which for a non-runner is a pretty big deal! I am so proud of her for taking up the challenge and for never giving up, even at the hard moments this determined woman kept going and made it round without walking once! A big thank you also goes out to our chief bag carrier/supporter Brad!
Fancy getting colourful? Well there are still places for the Manchester Color Run (5 July), Birmingham (16 August), Belfast (23 August) and Brighton (20 September) - find out more here.