Commuting in London isn't generally an enjoyable experience - hours spent jammed in to an underground sardine tin, getting intimately acquainted with one stranger's armpit while being repeatedly boinked on the head by another stranger's backpack. Lovely. However, there is another way...the run commute.

I've been running all or some of the way home from work, on and off, for about six months, and each time I do I wonder why I don't do it more! My run commute means that I get home happy, rather than stressed out from standing on a train! However, to date, I haven't run2work...but as of Thursday things will be changing...that's because Thursday is #run2workday!
#run2workday is an initiative that aims to promote the concept of running to work and to lobby the government to support people who run to work in the same way that it supports the (fantastic) Cycle2Work scheme.
You see, run commuting is easier, and quicker than you would think. Run2Work has worked out that it takes on average just 27 minutes at a slow jog to get from any of London's eight mainline train stations to any Zone 1 tube station (or an average of 15 minutes if you are speedy!) - once you take in to account faffing about, changing trains and waiting on platforms, running doesn't take much longer! Plus with a free audiobook from Audible you wont miss out on any essential 'reading'!
I have to admit, I am a little apprehensive about the idea of running to work. I mean, if I run home I don't have to think about much beyond remembering to take some kit, but running to work requires so much more 'stuff' and planning! Plus it is early in the morning...excuses, excuses...clearly #run2workday is the kick I need to get over myself and run! I just really hope I don't forget to pack my skirt for work...
the details -
the first Thursday of every month -
- Thursday 5 June
- Thursday 3 July
- Thursday 7 August
- Thursday 4 September
- Thursday 2 October
although that doesn't stop you from run commuting more often!
all or part of your commute to work - get off the train early, get on the train late, run the whole lot, run the first mile, just run!
Run2Work has some ace partners and when you sign up you get -
- 15% off your running shoes at Sweatshop, online and in-store
- Free Audible Audiobook download
- Complimentary Virgin Active guest pass for you and a friend (find your nearest club at
- Free issue of Outdoor Fitness
- A chance to win one of 50 pairs of New Balance running shoes
- Regular emails with tips and advice to keep you going
- New routes from the run2work community
doing good
by running to work you will be getting fitter, feeling better and saving some money - do good and donate the cash that you save to charity on #run2workday!