Pilates in the Park

My feelings about how amazing London is are well documented, I love that there is always something new to discover, a little corner you didn't already know, an experience you never knew you would have. However, it is sometimes easy to forget all of this amongst the daily grind and the (run)commute, that is where Secret Urban Escape comes in, and I was lucky enough to go along to their first event - Pilates in the Park.

As with any good pop up I didn't know where I would be working out, other than in a park within a mile of Manchester Square in central London. In the weeks leading up to the event we were drip fed clues which I took great delight in puzzling out, before being send coordinates of the exact location. Led through Hyde Park by google maps I was delighted to stumble across the camp set up by Tash and Iris complete with a beautiful picnic.

The spot was so picturesque it was impossible not to feel relaxed as Chloe Hodgson led us through a demanding session of dynamic Pilates in the sun. It was one of those classes that just made you feel great...although I really felt it in my core the next day!

Workout over it was time for a little brunch, courtesy of The Detox Kitchen - delicious pots of goodness, tasty juices and fresh fruit. Sitting there all relaxed and happy it was like we were in a little oasis in the city. Hyde Park isn't somewhere I go particularly often, and I am not really sure why, because it is quite lovely! I guess that was the point, Secret Urban Escape was reminding me simply how great my city is. 

Founded by the extremely lovely Tash and Iris (I mean these girls send thank you cards, that is how lovely they are) Secret Urban Escape hosts amazing lifestyle events at unique, unusual and extraordinary locations across London. Beautifully curated and lovingly thought out, there is no better way to experience the city in a new way! 

All photos kindly shared by Secret Urban Escape