We Own the Night - getting race ready, week eight

It is hard to believe it has been eight weeks since my first training run with Nike, and it is now less than a week until We Own the Night! I hope that you are race ready and good to go for Saturday!
Running in a group has been a new experience for me. Before getting involved with Nike's training runs I had, barring the odd occasion, always run on my own. It has been so much fun getting together with other girls to run, I've met some lovely people, and the group has motivated me to push that little bit harder, to keep going that little bit longer. The impact on my running has been huge - I think my last race tells the story pretty well!

For our last run, all of the pace groups headed down to The Mall en masse (sorry people of Regent's Street!) to catch up with lovely Jocelyn, one of Nike's master trainers, who put us through our paces with some classic drills. I love a good set of drills, but they aren't something I actually get round to doing that often (is it wrong I feel self-conscious doing drills alone in the park?!), so it was nice to be put through my paces!

Drills over, and we headed down The Mall to Buckingham Palace, running straight down the middle of the road (which was closed, before you worry!). There is something pretty special about running down the centre of a wide, open road, it makes you feel free.
Being sensible and tapering down, we kept our run short at around 6k, so it was a quick lap round St James' Park and back to Nike Town. It has been such a blast running with Nike, and I will miss weaving through the streets, ducking and diving past bemused pedestrians each Monday night!
Saturday is set to be a great event - 10,000 women lighting up the night as the race around London's Victoria Park surrounded by music and having one epic party! What could be better?! See you there!