We Own the Night - getting race ready, week four

There is something quite unique about We Own The Night . It is more than a race, it is about women coming together, sharing a passion, proving what they can do to the world and to themselves, and having fun. We Own the Night is unashamed, there is no bravado, no posturing, it's ok to want to look fashionable, it's ok to be a new runner, it's ok not to take things too seriously and it's ok to turn your training in to a bit of a party!

Fashion is a huge part of We Own the Night (I mean, the finishers necklace is designed by Alex Monroe!), and this week we were lucky enough to get the first glimpse of this year's converted race tote designed by Holly Fulton, which the designer herself was there to launch.

As well as seeing Holly's design, the Elle Style team was also on hand, sharing their fashion tips (sportswear is in - I am not a weirdo for wearing my Nike Zoom trainers in the office, I am just fashion forward), and their race night fashion edit. You can tell they are professionals, the pieces they picked out are amazing - eye catching, quirky, practical and built to perform - perfect for We Own The Night!

This week wasn't all fashion, we clocked up 6k on our run around London, taking in Buckingham Palace on our way. Before we set out we were warned that our pacers would be upping the ante with 4 weeks to go until race day, and they weren't joking. Averaging a sub 6 minute pace (compared to my normal average of around 6.10min per k) I felt like I was working and pushing myself through the run, really hitting the pace I hope (and pray!) I will achieve on race day. It felt so good to know that a faster pace is within my reach and that I am improving as a runner.

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