We Own the Night - getting race ready, week three

Over the last few weeks I have really enjoyed training with Nike in preparation for We Own the Night. Having mostly trained alone in the past, it has been so much fun to experience the camaraderie of running in a group, getting to know other runners and exploring London!

This week's run took us through the streets that surround Oxford Street and down to Hyde Park Corner, and just like last week we were tearing around accompanied by a party sound track, pumping from our pacer's backpack! I love the music, it keeps me motivated when things feel harder (needed this week, all this pollution is taking its toll on my lungs), it warns pedestrians that we are on the way, and hopefully it lifts the evening of some of the people we pass!

Once we got to Hyde Park Corner it was time for a little cross training! Cross training is something that I know I don't do enough of, so it was good to take some time out and focus on conditioning. The pacers had us doing lunge walks and pulls (trying to sprint while your partner holds you back - see above!) around the grass in front of the beautiful New Zealand War Memorial- I'm pretty sure I can still feel the impact today!

Cross training over, we headed back to Nike Town at Oxford Circus, down Constitution Hill, passed Buckingham Palace and along The Mall, throwing in a jog up and down some stairs, just for fun! A quick picture stop at Piccadilly Circus and then we were belting it through the backstreets around Regent's Street to our finish point, another successful run under our belts.