Power Vinyasa at Lululemon Covent Garden

This morning Tricia and I headed to Lululemon's new Covent Garden store to try out little Power Vinyasa yoga with Suzanne Slocum-Gori/check out the store. Suzanne is co-founder/owner of One Yoga for the People in Vancouver, and the class promised to be something quite special!

Lululemon's arrival in London has been hotly anticipated, and if the crowd outside the store today is anything to go by, it is fair to say that the excitement hasn't waned yet. Luckily, the space inside the store has been really well thought out and is a bright airy space that can accommodate a class of around 30 (I think, I didn't count) pretty comfortably.
The class itself was challenging, fast paced and dynamic, we moved through progressive sequences quickly - at points it was hard to know if I was getting poses right, which was really unnerving (poor poses = risk of injury!), and due to the size of the class Suzanne wasn't able to get around and check everyone. I would warn anyone going to a class at Lululemon that it is probably not for beginners. Both Tricia and I attend yoga classes pretty regularly (Tricia rates Yogarise Peckham, and I have a great local teacher) and we found this class a little more advanced than we are used to! Despite this, it was really satisfying to push myself a little, try our a different type of yoga with a different instructor, and stretch out after my first 10k run since December (take that shins!).

Post class, we took the opportunity to browse the store and check out some of the gorgeous kit - my wish list grew a little with the addition of the Speed Short (love the soft, wide waistband and obnoxious pattern!) and the Run From Work backpack (winter marathon training will include lots of run commutes!).