We Own the Night - getting race ready, week two

We Own the Night is one of London's most electrifying runs - 10,000 women running alongside each other, lighting up the night and having an amazing party! I can't wait to be a part of it!

To make sure I'm on top form (here's hoping for a PB) I've been hitting the streets with Nike and taking in some of London's amazing sights as part of  the eight week We Own the Streets series of training events.

Last week took us to Trafalgar Square, and this week we hit up Kings Cross.

We set off from Nike Town following our pacer Joel (yay, I remembered a name!) who, just to keep things interesting, was sporting a speaker on his back blaring our music as we ran - if we thought we had drawn attention to ourselves last week....

Heading up towards Regents Park along wide, relatively clear streets, it was great to stretch my legs out and chat with some of the other girls in the group as we warmed up and got in to the groove of our run. We took a left and dodged taxis and buses as we ran passed Euston Station and the British Library before sweeping up the driveway of St Pancras station and suddenly turning in to the station itself! It was seriously surreal, running through the station as people cheered us on and looked bemused as they waited to board Eurostar. Exiting one station, we sprinted straight across the road in to another! A primarily commuter station, Kings Cross was packed, and I am sure that we equally entertained and annoyed people as we ran and stopped for obligatory team photos (to cries of RUN. LONDON!!). It was pretty fabulous.

Leaving the station, we sped north through the residential streets of Camden, an area of London that was totally new to me, heading back across towards the top of Regent's Park, following the beat, running down the middle of the road, and generally having quite a lot of fun!

A quick turn right (actually not that quick, momentary disorientation on the part of our pacers, no big deal) and we were running down the side of Regent's Park. I will be honest, pretty as this road is, I hate it. It is basically the longest road in the world. It goes on forever, and at the end of the longest run I have done since my last 10k, that isn't totally welcome. Especially when the music went dead (Spotify problems I believe)...it was a matter of knuckling down, ignoring my sore legs and powering on, which is good for you from time to time. Although I suspect I wouldn't have been so disciplined if it wasn't for the other runners!

One more pit stop at the BBC Radio Theatre, and we were back at Nike Town. The longest run since my injury completed combined with a slightly surreal tour of London...what more could you want?!

^ obligatory (terrible) post run selfie ^