Be:Fit London

Saturday saw my friend Becca and I head to Be:Fit London. Becca is awesome, one of my oldest friends, she is a super fit former gymnast and cheerleader turned runner who has done nothing but support and inspire me over the last year (she ran my first 10k with me as moral support!). She was the perfect companion for the show...if only for her skills in sniffing out a flapjack sample!
I love finding out more about how I can maximise my potential, optimise my health and invest in my wellbeing, and Be:Fit London offered all of that - expert advice, fantastic brands, fitness classes, health checks and drop in sessions with physios and amazing guest speakers. I was excited to check everything out!

Becca and I hit the show early as ladies with broken elbows are generally wise to avoid crowds (poor Becca ate pavement a couple of weeks ago). There were a huge range of exhibitors showcasing everything from clothing (Lorna Jane and Every Second Counts were favourites), and nutrition (we loved nak'd, 9bar, Chia Pod and Protein First) to fitness gear (Gaiam Yoga which I love). It was fun exploring all the stands (and trying all the samples!) and doing a little bit of shopping here and there (Every Second Counts and Yurbuds were hit pretty hard...).
The real highlight of the day was a q and a session with the one and only Denise Lewis!

After an hour with this gold medal winning heptathlete, I want to shrink her down and carry her with me at all times for support and advice (not creepy AT ALL). Seriously, everything that came out of that woman's mouth (and the mouths of her wonderful friends, who pitched in from time to time) was golden. Taking questions from the floor, Denise shared honest wisdom based on her own experiences around motivation, making time for exercise, thinking positively, making time for yourself and (especially for Becca) recovering from injury. All things I think every woman can identify with. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Denise speak I would say jump at it!
Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take in one of the huge range of exercise classes on offer at Be:Fit London. Although I had taken my kit along, things just didn't line up and I missed out. Were you there? Did you take in a class? If so, drop me a line (aprettyplacetoplay at gmail dot com), I would love to feature your experiences!