Running Like a Girl (and a giveaway)

I will get it out there now, I love this book. It is witty, informative, honest and insightful. It doesn't preach, it doesn't belittle and, for me, it has been really inspirational and encouraging.
Alexandra Heminsley has run numerous marathons, but for a long time she was convinced that she just wasn't a runner. Part memoir, part guide, Running Like a Girl is the story of how Alexandra became a runner. Written in an incredibly honest and open way, it is hard not to identify with Alexandra when she is telling you about how awful her first run was, sharing titbits of wisdom from her Dad or extolling the virtues of Shock Absorber Bras (FYI, they are brilliant, no jiggle whatsoever and no chafing!). It is like having a conversation with your runner friends who are trying to convince you that yes, yes you can run.
So many running books and resources are either too technical or too aggressive. Some even (probably unintentionally) encourage us to hate ourselves, or think that we are rubbish because a mile is hard. Running Like a Girl doesn't do that, it acknowledges that, at points, running is awful, but that it is also so much more. Running is satisfying, it is being outdoors, it is getting your blood pumping, it is being able to eat several huge portions of lobster macaroni and not feel bad...I think most runners will identify with Alexandra's story, I know I did.
Whether you are just setting out, have been running forever, or are somewhere in the middle, this is a book that is worth reading. In fact, if you don't run at all, if you are convinced you are just not a runner, that it will hurt like hell and that you will hate it, have a read, it is pretty inspiring.
In fact, because I love this book so much and think that you should read it, I am giving a copy away, a gift from me to you! All you need to do is comment below and follow on Bloglovin' and/or Twitter. This giveaway is open to anyone where ever you are, and I will choose the lucky recipient at random next week! (P.S. tell your friends!) - EXTENDED FOR ANOTHER WEEK.