Running Mondays

^^ last year's Bupa 10,000^^

Being active can be whatever you want it to be. For me a it is running round in circles.

Running makes me feel good. Yes it can hurt, yes it can be frustrating, and yes, some days dragging myself off the sofa can feel like a monumental task. But, it is all worth it for how running makes me feel, for how being active makes me feel - that unique mixture of achievement and endorphins!

Being active stretches me and challenges me to see how much more I can do.

Being active connects me with wherever I am.

Being active keeps me calm and gives me time to reflect.

Being active makes me feel good!

It also makes me do some silly enter a half marathon...I don't know if I am excited or terrified...but I do know it will be a challenge, and I am really looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to blogging about it - both the good parts and the more painful parts, and some things in between. Each Monday I will be sharing a little recap of my week in training, as well as any other running related bits I happen to come across (but don't worry, if you come here for posts about London, cake and cafesI will still be posting about those too, just on other days!).

Oh, and in case you were thinking I am some freak who never has a bad run, last Friday was awful! I had my first speed session, got ten minutes through, felt like I might puke and crawled home 20 minutes early feeling sorry for myself. Just keeping it real.