About Me (and a random selection of pictures)

Last weekend I got the sweetest comment on from Megan, telling me that she had bestowed the Liebster Award on a pretty place to play. It was the nicest thing to think that someone out there enjoys that random stuff I write!

As is usually the case with these awards, there are questions to be answered and random facts to be told...I will start with the random facts...
I am a summer person through and through; biltong is one of my favourite foods; if napping was a competitive sport I would be on Team GB; marathons fascinate and terrify me in equal measures; I am very lucky to know some amazing people who entertain and inspire me endlessly; hot apple cider is my favourite, but you can't get it in the UK (please send supplies!!); I always wear perfume (See by Chloe or Flora by Gucci); I rarely wear heels, but have admiration for those who do; the only food I don't like is baked beans; I prefer my kindle to 'real' books (it is easier to read standing on the train); I really like dinosaurs.
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I am currently reading The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, and having some issues getting in to it; Every day, I think how I can do better; it sounds lame, but I am really in to gift wrapping, but if you have ever received a package from me, you will know what I mean; hot chocolate is the highlight of the holiday season - so many variations; I really can't remember how I decided on my blog title, but I like it; my goal for next year is to run a half marathon; I am a gap girl through and through (I even worked there); July is a great month, the weather is awesome; can I skip this one?; sorting out my paperwork, DT will tell you all about it; I moved schools when I was 15, and prior to moving I didn't really think that I was capable of much - the teachers in my new school (including my Dad, who taught me geography) helped me realise that I could do more.
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Also, most of these pictures are from the walk I took with Bowl of Chalk last summer.