a ray of sunshine

It is always nice when someone is nice about you. So it was lovely when Kerri nominated me for the Sunshine Award - I am very flattered!
As is often the case with blogger awards, the Sunshine Award is not quite as simple as just getting an award. No, no, no. I need to share ten facts about myself and answer ten questions set by Kerri, and nominate five other bloggers who I think are awesome.
So, lets get to it!
I believe in working hard and getting the most you can out of life; Biffy Clyro is my running music of choice; my wish for a garden is only second to my wish for a dining table; when I was 17 I took myself off to Africa to study for two years; I am terrible at clothes shopping, it is why I own over 10 striped tops; my friends are awesome, generous, loving people who I could not be without; dinosaurs and dogs are my animals of choice; my vice is gummy sweeties, and really, that is not a vice; I love the moment I hit my stride when running; I like nothing more than hanging out and hanging about with the people I love.
today, my favourite colour is blue, but that is subject to change; I would love to have endless energy so that I can do everything I want to do, in the way that I want to do it; I am entirely unmusical, although I did play the recorder at school, but then didn't everyone?; obviously, my preferred weekend activity is exploring my home turf; I love to visit New York City; I am a virgo; I had the great pleasure of talking with Lauren (her blog is great); See by Chloe fragrance reminds me of holidaying in Malta earlier this year; I can't choose a favourite food, it is unfair to all the other foods; I love the ocean; based on pinterest, gold beats silver.

There are so many blogs out there that I think are awesome, it was pretty hard to choose just five!
kerri - I love Kerrin's blog, her creativity, and her enthusiasm for exploring her home turf.
wander to wonder - Miho is one of my go to girls for cool things to do and eat (especially eat) in London.
Dear Ms Leigh - Rachael is another adventurous lady working hard to show the ups of Detroit while trying to show restraint at house clearance sales and cooking up snacks that make me wish I lived down the street from her (sharsies!)
bloody HELL brennan - Katie is a friend in real life, so I might be cheating, but she is also an insanely funny woman, and puts on a killer show - Song of a Single Girl is a must see!
let birds fly - Bailey is an awesome blogger, you can feel the passion in her writing, and her photography is just gorgeous.
(side note: I don't expect the bloggers I have nominated to answer any questions etc, I just want them to know they are awesome!)