a painful interlude

Not a lot of running has happened lately due to a painful ankle injury (you will note the fetching bandage above). While I am back on the pavements, albeit at a gentle pace, I found the two weeks I had off hard.
The first week without running, or any exercise at all for that matter, I was really discombobulated - all the things that I usually work out when I run were bubbling around in my head, I felt lethargic and just not me. I missed exercising - and that is something that I never thought I would say!
My second week off was better, I was able to go to the gym and get some endorphins! However, working out in a windowless, indoor gym (complete with its own particular odour - yuk) just isn't the same as running around in the fresh air, and will never be as satisfying.
A lot of ice and deep heat later and I have started to venture our again, tentatively jogging along as I get my stride back. It is so nice to be out in the fresh air, and to be able to take the time to clear my head in a way that I only seem able to achieve when running. Each time I worry about my ankle, or thinking I'm too tired, I think about how good it will make me feel and that gives me the push to get off the sofa and get going. *
* Dad - you were right about this one all along.