Hello, I'm Bethan.


Running has inspired me during some of my darkest times, and motivated me to challenge myself more than I though possible. Since I took up running in 2012 I've run two marathons and countless shorter distances. I've made some amazing friends, upturned my life and never looked back. Heading out on my first run was a daunting moment, I remember tentatively running around back streets after dark so no one would see me. Thank goodness I did, as facing that fear has empowered me endlessly.

In September 2018 I quit my job in the city and started a PhD looking at women in ultra running - I joke that when I run I’m technically studying! I’m fascinated by what this sport offers women, and how powerful adventure can be, I know from my own experiences it can be life changing.

When I’m not studying running I’m training for The Speed Project 5.0 in March 2019. An unofficial relay race through Death Valley where teams of six to eight runners try to run from Santa Monica Pier in LA to Las Vegas as fast as they can. There aren’t many rules. It’ll be tough, it will hurt and our RV will stink, but I can’t wait to push myself and really see what I can do alongside my teammates.

If I’m not running (or studying running) I can be found dashing around town on Doris my bike, practicing yoga or having an adventure either at home or away.

I am lucky enough to work with some amazing partners, including 361 Europe, realbuzz and Fierce Grace Brixton, who help me achieve my goals, but I will always be honest and make it clear when I am sharing sponsored or partner content.

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