I'm a runner and a writer trying to make sense of life through words and movement.


I love the new year. There is so much possibility ahead. As soon as the clock chimes you have a clean slate, the year before is history and the year ahead is stacked with potential. I love the purity of it. I love that it gives me permission to lay to rest the regrets of the year that has gone and look forward with intention. 

This year I want to live the best life I can and for 2015 to truly be the best year yet. 

Over the last few weeks I've been reflecting a lot on the year that has passed, what went well, what was tough, the decisions I made and how I behaved. I learnt a lot in 2014 and it was hard, but it laid the foundations I need make what I want a reality. It also showed up the areas I need to focus on to live that good life.


I'm guilty of trying to be in a million places at once. It can mean that I miss the moments that mean the most, and I know it affects my relationships with other people. 


I'm not great at creating and retaining positive memories. It's one of the reasons I started this blog. Practicing gratitude helps focus my mind on all the good in my life.


My lack of patience has held me back in little ways so many times and makes me dislike myself. It's something I need to work on.


Over the last few months my diet has not been good. I know I am happier when I fill myself with good food and I love the idea of making the concept of nourishment central to my choices (thanks to Lorna Jane Clarkson for the inspiration).


It just makes the world a nicer place if you put a little more love out there. 

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