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Resolutions (part two)

Last year I wrote a list of resolutions - 12 things I wanted to do before I turned 29. The list wasn't virtuous, there was nothing about self-development or personal improvement, it was just a list of fun experiences I wanted to have....and to the most part, I have, in one way or another!

Here's how it went...

run a 10k, and don't give up running as soon as it is over - it is fair to say that I achieve this one, in fact running has become a bigger part of my life that I would have ever dreamed possible a year ago!

go gin tasting - didn't get around to this one, and I cannot fathom why, I mean gin tasting! Anyone want to come gin tasting with me to get this one ticked off asap?!

have afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel - I can confidently tell you that the afternoon tea at The Ampersand Hotel is brilliant, highly recommended!

complete The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk through the Royal Parks - this is one that I kept thinking about but there was never a good weekend to do it. It would make a great marathon training route though, so I am sure I will get there at some point!

use my sewing machine - this ain't ever going to happen, I've had the thing for about three years and have never used it. It is possibly time to admit that I am just not crafty.

visit Little Venice - nope, which is a shame as I hear it is very pretty.

visit the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - the National Lottery Anniversary Run was a great way to see the park, and I am looking forward to running there again soon! 

try to find the mews where my Great Grandfather was born - this is another one that I've thought about but where there just wasn't an opportune moment to explore the idea further.

visit more of London's museums - sort of, I went to the V and A recently, there was good cake!

take a trip with my Mum - Amsterdam was pretty lovely. 

take more walks along the Thames path - not many walks, but lots of runs!

read an autobiography/biography each month - while I've not totted it up, I am pretty confident about this one. My book review column for So Let's Go Running has definitely helped!

So I didn't do everything on the list, but I did do rather a lot of it - often without even trying - which is a sign of a pretty great year!

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