12 Marathons, 12 Months

This week I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge. I have nothing against the challenge, it has raised a huge amount of awareness and funds, but no one really wants to see me pour a bucket of water over my head. Instead, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about a truly impressive challenge.

Four years ago Becky 'Bexx Starr' Beard was wheelchair bound and having seizures every few minutes, the result of injuries she sustained after being crushed at a festival. Today she is eight marathons through an epic challenge to tackle 12 marathons in 12 months...it's been a truly impressive recovery.

Becky took up running in 2013, training for the London Marathon in under three months and raising over £11,000 for Breast Cancer Care in the process. For many people that would be enough, but Becky was inspired to find a bigger and better challenge to raise even more funds for the causes close to her heart - Breast Cancer Care and Cancer Research. And so Team Run 12 was born.

12 marathons. 12 months. 2 charities. £25,000 target. 1 lead runner. 6 team members.

So far, Becky has raised over £17,000, and she would really like to raise some more - and you can help! Becky has entered the Mountain Warehouse Charity Challenge, a vote led competition to raise £5,000 for the charities she is supporting. All you need to do is vote

This is a seriously impressive undertaking - running one marathon is a big deal, but the dedication and commitment needed to run 12 in close succession is something else.