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Review: RudeHealth Drinking Oats

While digging through a rather impressive goodie bag after the Runner's Need Exclusive Women's Event I came across this strange little bottle, empty other than for a few oats...turned out it was a bottle of RudeHealth's Drinking Oats - a drinkable snack! 

Made of nothing but whole grain oats, Drinking Oats turn any cold drink in to a smooth snack ideal before or after a workout, when you've skipped breakfast, or just because you are a bit peckish! There'ss no sugar, so no massive highs or dramatic crash, Drinking Oats are just a little something to keep you going through a busy period.

The oats are cleverly milled so that they simply dissolve when you add 200ml of a drink of your choice (in my case unconcentrated orange juice) and you are left with a delicious smooth drink with just a hint of nutty oatiness - yum! 

The instructions tell you to drink up within 10 seconds - this really is a quick snack. Because of this I didn't really expect to feel full up, but the oats really did the job - I was so satisfied I didn't even think of reaching for the banana I had on standby!

RudeHealth Drinking Oats are available here.

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