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Reveiw: Saviour Snacks

My life is pretty busy. There are days when I leave the house at 7am and don't get back until after 10.30pm. Between back to back meetings at work, training and social 'stuff' I can find myself rushing from appointment to appointment without pausing to catch breath, and food can become something of an afterthought...it becomes really easy to grab something from the office 'treats' table and go with my cravings rather than what's good for me.
During my Whole30 I spent a lot of time reflecting on my food choices (I am pretty sure there wasn't a moment I wasn't thinking about food during those 30 days!) and I concluded that for me, convenience is key. If I am going to avoid foods I know don't agree with me, I need to find ways to make it easy, and that is where Saviour Snacks comes in!

Saviour Snacks deliver boxes of properly healthy, portion controlled, really quite delicious, snacks to your door weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
All of Saviour's snacks meet the Saviour Standard, a rigorous two-stage screening process ensuring that what you are reaching for is properly good for you and meets the seven nutritional non-negotiable -
  • No trans fats
  • No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats
  • No artificial additives, colours or preservatives
  • No genetically modified foods
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No MSG
  • ONLY real ingredients that you can pronounce

    As well as ensuring that each snack has a good profile in terms of salt, sugar, fat, fibre, protein etc. These are snacks you can trust.
    There are snack boxes for every occasion, but for my daily snacking needs I opted for The Super Skinny Box. The Super Skinny Box contains 14 snacks all of which weigh in at 120 calories or less, and all of which are junk free. I was really impressed with the selection in my box, a mixture of brands that were new (Acti-Snack) and not so new (hey Nak'd!), as well as Saviours own creative mixes - I loved the Apple Pie Mix, and the Luscious Lemon Almonds were insane!

    The Super Skinny Box normally retails at £14.95, but I received a discount by signing up to the Saviour Snacks' mailing list. I do think that the boxes are pretty good value considering their convenience and the variety of snacks in the box, if each snack had been bought individually then things would have worked out to be much more expensive!


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