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Generally I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, but from time to time I like to succumb to my desire for junk food. When I do, I like that junk food to be the best quality I can get my hands on - high quality, fresh ingredients, sourced responsibly and delivered daily - and Bird really delivers.
Offering up free range fried chicken, as well as a whole array of delicious sides, snacks, salads, sandwiches and desserts, Bird does comfort food at it's finest - perfect for a little Sunday lunch!  
My chicken and waffles with maple syrup (enhanced with a little hot sauce!) was delicious, I loved the savoury flavours in the waffles, and the crunchy batter on the chicken really set this plate apart from your standard fried chicken! Life is all about balance, and if this is going to be my balance, then I am good with that!

DT's chicken and waffle burger was insane! It was roughly the size of my head, crammed with chicken, cheese and super thick cut bacon - even with my help there were still leftovers, which is a shame because it was really delicious!  

Bird can be found on Kingsland Road, right between Hoxton and Shoreditch High St Overground stations, which is really quite convenient. Get there early for coffee and a donut at the Donut Hatch (from 8am) or pitch up at noon for chicken and waffles. I just wish they opened earlier, because it would be great for brunch!

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