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Honest Burger

I'm pretty sure I am the only person in London who hasn't (until now) eaten at Honest Burger. I mean I've known about them since their very early days in Brixton Village, but I just hadn't got around to visiting, which always felt like a bit of a shame, so it was great to finally get my act in gear and eat one of their delicious offerings!
Since those early days in Brixton, Honest has become quite the institution, rapidly growing it's empire which locations all over the city (check out this awesome little video, all about the company's growth). These days a good burger is nearly always within easy reach...something I appreciate as a woman who likes burgers more than is probably reasonable.

I appreciate it when a restaurant has a short menu, and when everything on that menu is delicious. If I am being honest, long menus scare me, firstly I am no good when there is lots of choice (overwhelming) and secondly, I don't believe that anyone can execute tonnes of different dishes well. Honest has it down, limited options, all variations on one another, all executed beautifully. With good chips.

I opted for a cheese burger with stilton. Beef and stilton is an amazing combination if you haven't tried it already, the strong cheese works so well with a quality meat (and Honest takes the quality of it's meat extremely seriously!). DT and I both agreed that the plentiful chips reminded us of Walker's crisps (good thing, must have been the seasoning) and the plate got cleared pretty swiftly, all washed down with an Honest cocktail (gin and cucumber, very summery and delicious) and a Redchurch Shorditch Blond beer (also very summery and highly recommended). It was a pretty great meal!

Honest has six locations across London, we visited Soho, but you can also check out Brixton Village (the original), Portobello, Camden, Kings Cross and Oxford Circus. Honest doesn't take reservations, but if you leave your number they will text you when a table becomes available - we went of to get a drink while we waited for a table. Take this post as a recommendation!

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