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Whole30 - week two

Two weeks in to Whole30, and a little part of me is counting down to when the whole thing will be over. This week has been much harder than week one for a range of different reasons...
I really miss the texture of grains - bread, cake, pasta. It hasn't helped that my office has been swimming in cake and that I had to unwrap about a billion sandwiches and brownies for a corporate lunch (I ate a peach, the one compliant food I could find in the whole buffet). I don't miss how those foods react with my body, I do feel much better not eating them, I just miss how it feels to taste those textures.
This one is sort of my own fault for not being organised last week, but I'm getting pretty bored of food. Because I haven't had a lot of time to cook nearly everything I've eaten this week has been chicken/steak/salmon with veggies on the side - dull, dull dull. The exception to all of this was an amazing chilli cooked up using a recipe from the brilliant Well Fed, it was so delicious and it will definitely replace store bought chilli mixes in the future. So, lesson learnt, I made sure I hit the supermarket this weekend and my meals for the week are all planned - roll on some delicious, nutritious meals that are actually interesting!
On the upside, I have managed to step up the variety in my breakfasts eating everything from smoked fish to cured (compliant) meats and delicious baked eggs. I do miss eating more 'traditional' breakfast food like yoghurt and porridge, but I how the energy that eating protein first thing in the morning gives me, so it is worth it!
eating out
I've eaten out a couple of times this week (here and here - you might see a theme!). Both times ended up with a bun-less burger and side salad, which didn't actually bother me that much (and both patties were pretty delicious, Byron's winning by an edge). However, what was irritating was how careful I had to be around how things were prepared - imagine how disappointed I was to order courgette fries and discover they were covered in polenta batter?! Initially I was so frustrated at myself for not scrutinising more, not asking exactly how things were cooked, but ultimately I took the pragmatic approach and picked off the batter. Yes, probably not 100% compliant, but I feel I put the effort in and I didn't want to waste a tonne of food (or be hungry).
I mentioned last week that my schedule can mean the time between lunch and dinner can stretch for up to eight hours. Because of this, from time to time I actually need something to get me through. I've been trying to stick to veggies and protein for these snacks, although from time to time fruit has snuck in which isn't ideal.
Whole 30 has made me think a lot more about when and why I snack. I find myself actively asking myself whether I am bored or tired or thirsty before eating and when I feel like a snack I will wait 10-15 minutes to see if I am still hungry. I've also cut out my mid-morning snack which I am really pleased with!
There have been a couple of slips, a beetroot a ginger juice at a Nike event yesterday 'just because' (totally worth it, absolutely delicious!), and some figs this afternoon for no reason at all. I know that this isn't ideal, and it gives me something to reflect on around my relationship with food outside the structure of work. I though my issue was grazing through the work day, but I suspect I am actually worse at the weekend when my time is less structured! Food for thought.
Whole30 is hard, it takes commitment and focus all of the time - that is what makes it a challenge, and also what makes it worthwhile. I don't think I have ever thought this much about the food that I eat, and it has been so enlightening. I went in to this looking to break some pretty negative habits around sugar and grazing and I really think it is helping. Yep, I have the odd snack, but I think about those snacks, I am becoming much more aware of what is in my food, and the choices that I make around food, and all of that is making me feel good! This will all be worth it!
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