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whole30 - week three

Let's talk about breakfast. Common thought is that it is the most important meal of the day, but common practice is to rush down something carby and surgery while running for the bus, or as you try to do one billion other things. It isn't really a wonder that by 10am the snack monsters are clawing and a snack, any snack becomes imperative.
One of the things I have learn on this Whole30 journey is the true meaning of breakfast.
As I geared up to start Whole30, thinking about what to eat for breakfast massively stressed me out. I had no idea how I would ensure that I ate a decent compliant breakfast, freaked out as anything I chose would need to travel to work with me and be eaten at my desk (I am an early bird, and always try to be in work before 8am, it means that I don't always feel like eating as soon as I get up around 6am). Transport issues excluded lots of options, and the need to prep food the night before complicated issues further. For the whole of the first week I ate hard boiled eggs. I never want to see a hard boiled egg again. Ever.
Now I am in the flow of things, breakfast seems like a less daunting challenge. From time to time I still have an egg or two (not boiled, these treats are tastier and travel well), but I've mixed things up with the addition of smoked fish (my favourite and quick to prepare) or compliant cured meats. While this has added some variety, I do miss having options like yoghurt with fruit, and porridge (especially as there are graze boxes piling up in the cupboard as I speak, their porridge is awesome!) first thing in the morning. It is still a challenge psychologically to eat what feels like lunch when I would normally be eating more conventional breakfast foods.
Specific foods aside, Whole30 has changed my view of breakfast. Previously I had almost treated breakfast as my first snack of the day. Typically it was eaten in the rush, and quite often I went a bit hobbit and had first and second breakfasts (elevenses were also a big feature). Three weeks of thinking about every single thing I eat has adjusted my view around the whole meal, in the sense that I actually see breakfast as a meal these days! I've started to see the value in investing what I eat first thing in the morning. By eating a proper, balanced meal I am satisfied, I don't feel the need to graze or snack through the morning, and I really appreciate that, it feels like I have achieved what I set out to do.
With one week to go, it is only natural to start thinking about life after Whole30. While I'm not clear on the exact approach I will take, I do know that moving forward I will continue to make a meal out of breakfast (albeit with some yoghurt and porridge from time to time).

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