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Whole30 - week four


Post-run on Sunday I had to rush straight off from my parent's house to meet DT and didn't have time to grab anything to eat other than an apple (I hadn't prepped a post run meal in advance, and I'd eaten my way through all the protein in the house!). Sitting in the car I started to feel really ill. Sick and sweaty with a pounding head. I needed to eat so badly, pretty convinced that if I didn't I would pass out. We made it to a garage where I was faced with possibly the most unhelpful selection of food ever...I swear I have never seen so many sweets in one place! Knowing that my body responds well to protein I tried to hunt some out with pretty limited luck - it was milk or jerky that contained sugar. Milk doesn't agree with me, so the jerky became the lesser of two evils...
I know that commitment underpins the Whole30, no excuses. I don't disagree, how can you expect results if you don't commit, if you have it in the back of your mind that the odd slip is ok. However, in this scenario I'm going to be pragmatic. Yep, I ate something that wasn't compliant, but equally, I was sick and needed to protect my body. I chose the best I could in a pretty limited scenario (we tried Tesco, but it was close - Easter Sunday).
Sitting in the car, forcing down food to stop myself feeling so ill, I felt so dispirited. I cursed the fact that I felt guilty for eating something that was making me feel better because it wasn't compliant, and I was annoyed at myself for not being more organised breakfast. After putting in three weeks of diligent compliance, the idea that I could have limited the impact of my Whole30 was pretty upsetting.
While the impact of my Whole30 may no longer be what it could have been, if the last week has been anything to go by, it wont be that far off. Even with the jerky incident, for the whole of the last week I've felt pretty awesome! I have seemingly endless energy, no cravings to speak of (even when a chocolate egg was within 10 inches of my head for a whole afternoon), my stomach is never bloated and my shin injury healed up double quick! Tiger blood!
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