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London Project - St Paul's By Night

I've written in the past about my love of London's Southbank, especially the stretch between London Bridge in the east, and London Waterloo in the west. It is a stretch packed with culture, and views that always make me gasp, despite having seen them many times before.
One of my favourite views of all is of Saint Paul's Cathedral by night, the domed roof dominating the skyline, outshining everything else around it as I run home. There is something so magical about how it illuminates the skyline - I always think that it looks like it has be stuck on like decoupage, giving the sense that it has be superimposed on to the city. It is a sight that always lifts me. Although it is one that no photograph can possibly capture fully, so you will just need to check it out for your self.
This post is part of the wonderful London Project put together by the lovely April who has brought together some great London bloggers to share their favourite places to shop, eat and see in London.

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