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London Project - insider tips

It is no secret that I think that London is one of the greatest cities in the world, and I reckon that it makes a pretty ace holiday destination. So if you are planning/dreaming of/wishing for a trip to this fantastic city, here are some insider tips to help you out...
London is amazingly easy to get around, and while I really appreciate all of the fantastic public transport available to me at the touch of an oyster card, nothing beats walking. You can see so much from the pavement, and often walking can be quicker than taking the tube or catching the bus. So make sure you bring some comfy walking shoes and step out to take it all in!
take a tour
Need to get your bearing's before you hit the streets? Why not try a walking tour! Bowl of Chalk runs great 'pay what you think it's worth' tours. The my neck of the woods is brilliant, taking you off the beaten track exploring one of the most interesting, and historic parts of the city. Jonny also does private tours, which I can only imagine are great!
Alternatively, why not try my self-guided tour past some of the most famous sights in Westminster?!
food trucks
Food trucks and pop ups are a massive deal in London. There is so much delicious food out there, and often finding it will take you in to amazing areas of the city that you might not have ever thought to visit.
Check out Kerb and Tweat Up to find out about great, creative events such as Truck Stop.
Fancy something indoors? Why not check out my archives!
underground etiquette
Sometimes you just have to take the underground, so if you do it is best to be prepared and know the unwritten rules, particularly around escalators! So here are my simple tips for a smooth journey:
tickets ready - make sure you have your ticket ready before you get to the turn style to avoid pile ups!

stay right - if you are going to stand on the escalator make sure you stand on the right in single file, it is just the done thing.

queues - first thing in the morning, and during evening rush hour, commuters on the busy Jubilee line (the mainline out to the business hub at Canary Wharf) queue. Try and jump the queue and you will be told off!

free magazines

There are so many great free magazines in London you may never need to visit a news stand again!

metro - the morning daily newspaper

evening standard - the evening daily news paper

time out - great articles and weekly listings

stylist - a fantastic, quality, women's weekly

shortlist - news, tech and entertainment weekly

sport - weekly sports magazine

ES - weekly glossy from the evening standard

get local

London is full of amazing independent places - including some truly great coffee shops. So skip Starbucks and find your nearest independent coffee shop using the London Coffee Guide App. 

As well as great coffee, there are lots of markets in the city selling the most amazing produce - Brockley and Borough markets are just two that merit a visit.

take tea

There are few better ways to pass an afternoon in London than by having afternoon tea. There is a tea out there to suit every occasion, taste and price range, but I love the tea at the Ampersand Hotel.For more great tips on where to take tea check out Aspiring Kennedy - that girl knows her cake!

if all else fails

Find a local to take you on a magical mystery tour - I hear they are pretty awesome!

This post is part of the wonderful London Project put together by the lovely April who has brought together some great London bloggers to share their favourite places to shop, eat and see in London.

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