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The Snail Mail Collective - Katie in Cortland, NY

The Snail Mail Collective is the wonderful brain child of Melyssa and Chelsea and connects people from all over the world. I've had the great privilege of 'meeting' so many great bloggers through this project (check out my other Snail Mail Collective posts here), including Katie, a PhD student and book lover from Cortland, NY.

The theme this month was gratitude and it was lovely to discuss this with Katie, talking about what each of us what grateful for in our lives - it was such a great opportunity to reflect on all the good that is flying around!
During our email exchanges, Katie asked me about my hobby photography. I have never really considered photography to be a hobby, it isn't really something I strive to improve, I just point, shoot and hope the results are ok! To encourage me, Katie thoughtfully sent me a frame so that I could frame some of my pictures and remember all the good times I am so grateful for.
As well as the frame, Katie also popped in some chocolate and honey (including strawberry flavour - would it be wrong to eat it straight from the tube?!) produced locally in Ithaca, as well as a dollar bill, because foreign currency is always interesting!
Thank you so much to Katie for this incredibly thoughtful gift!

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