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One Unknown

In the run up to my birthday this year, I made 12 resolutions for the upcoming year. One of my resolutions was to read an autobiography/biography each month.
I am an inherently nosy person, and I love reading about other people's lives and experiences (it is one of the reasons I love blogs) - you can learn so much from other people's experiences.
I didn't live in London on 7 July 2005, it would be three more years before I moved to the city, but I do remember the day with clarity. I remember the scenes that were broadcast all over the world. Scenes of devastation in a beautiful city, blood splattered over the British Medical Association, medical professionals running through the streets, ordinary people experiencing their lives being turned upside down.
One of those people was Gill Hicks.
Gill was simply travelling to work when a bomb exploded in her tube carriage and her life changed forever. Nearly dead, Gill was rescued by a team so courageous and compassionate it is unbelievable, and delivered to hospital where, without any identification, she was called one unknown.
This book recounts Gill's story in her own words as she recalls snatched memories and pieces together what happened to her that day and find those people who helped her - who kept her alive and who helped her recover and adjust to life without her legs.

In the second half of the book, Gills reflects on the impact that her brush with death, and subsequent injuries have had on her outlook on life. Gill questions how we see our own lives, what we place importance on and how we can make life count.
The messages that Gill shares are messages that really resonate with me at the moment -
Someone Somewhere is Feeling
the Effects of Something YOU
said or done.
Recently I have lacked the realisation that my words and actions have an impact on other people, and faced the devastating realisation that my impact may not be positive. It took a lot to type that. Gill has inspired me to become more conscious of myself, to do what I need to do to have a positive impact on the world.
One Unknown is an insightful story of how one woman found a positive outcome from a devastating act of horrific terrorism. A woman who learnt to deal with her world being turned upside down and the challenges and frustrations that a disability bring. Gill is a woman who dealt with this situation with grace and humour - from persuading her ICU nurses to let her go and get her hair done, to finding her rescuers and thanking them for saving her life.

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