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The Snail Mail Collective - Laura in Okinawa

The Snail Mail Collective
The Snail Mail Collective connects people from all over the world to get to know each other and exchange small (but meaningful!) gifts. Its a lovely way to get to know someone new, who you may not have crossed paths with otherwise.

This month I was really excited to be paired up with the lovely Laura! Laura lives in Okinawa, Japan - I mean, how cool is that? I loved reading Laura's beautiful blog, and hearing about all of her adventure.


The theme for the Snail Mail Collective this month was under the sea, and to be honest, I think Laura had the advantage! I mean, when this is where you stay-cation (I am not envious at all) there is inspiration all around!
It was so exciting to get home, after a long day at work, and find an exciting looking package on my door step. It was even more exciting to open the package as shake out a little bit of seaside - I don't know about you, but I find any connection to the sea instantly uplifting. And it is even more uplifting to receive a sweet note from a new friend!

sound interesting? click here for more information, and maybe we will get paired up!