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Chicago - John Hancock Centre

I may have mentioned that Chicago has some very beautiful, very tall buildings, and conveniently, there are a fair few opportunities to get up those very beautiful, very tall buildings, and do what they were put there for - check out the view obvi.
[note: I can't get Shoshan's we're the ladies statement out of my head, its the obvi that does it for me, and the conviction]
Unfortunately, checking out the view can cost big, and, while I will pay out for some things, if I can get something for free (or the cost of an over priced coke) then I will take it.
Right at the top of The John Hancock Centre, all the way up at 875 North Michigan Avenue, is a bar. It is quite a scuzzy, over priced, sticky type of bar. However, it has some of the best views of the city.
There is also a Cheesecake Factory in the basement, and as visiting Brits, it was obligatory that we consumed giant desserts that would be classed as family sized at home.

Chicago - Cloud Gate a.k.a The Bean

Brockley Market