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Brockley Market

Brockley Market - squash

Brockley Market is a little gem nestled in a college car park in South East London. A weekly food market, it is a great mix of (reasonably priced) locally sourced produce, meat and fish, lots of preserves oils and some beautiful looking fresh pasta, coffee, cakes, lots of food trucks and stall offering up tasty brunch/lunch treats and lots of places to sit and enjoy your treats! I
This market has the nicest atmosphere - all calm and relaxed, with lots of small dogs (small dogs make my Saturdays), people strolling around and the odd musical performance.
Elle UK was not wrong when it described this market as a cooler mini version of Borough.
I actually wonder how it took me two years to get myself down to this great market. TWO YEARS! Rest assured, I will be remedying that over the coming months (I've already spent a lot of time at dinner last night extolling the market's virtues to my friends), not to mention shunning supermarket veggies for some of the beauties on offer from the market traders.
Does your town have any great markets? I'd love to hear about them!
Brockley Market - Moons Green Charcuterie
Brockley Market - Moons Green Charcuterie
Brockley Market - Dark Fluid Coffee
Brockley Market - Dark Fluid Coffee

Brockley Market - plums

Brockley Market - succulents

Brockley Market - Manchego cheese
Brockley Market - seating
Brockley Market - tomatoes

Brockley Market - tomatoes Brockley Market - aubergine
Brockley Market - cucumber

 Brockley Market is open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

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