I'm a runner and a writer trying to make sense of life through words and movement.


I really love stationary.
I always have, ever since I was a small child playing 'offices' and carting around my 'minutes' (who says you can't grow up to live your childhood dreams?!).
With a background like that, it is no surprise at I developed palpitations when I first discovered Present&Correct
Present&Correct showcases the most beautiful selection of stationary and paper goods. Even if I didn't have a serious stationary habit I would swoon at their selection - the team really has fulfilled its mission, at least as far as I am concerned:
We hope to spark a distant memory, make you smile or look at the most mundane in a new, and fonder, light.
I am mentally overhauling my desk with these beauties as I speak...

all products from Present&Correct, all pictures used with permission from Present&Correct.

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