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Ladies Night

That is probably the worst, least imaginative, blog post title ever. I am really sorry. Likewise, I am sorry for not taking decent pictures, on an actual camera, for this post. It has been something of a long week, and while my mind is fast approaching mush, I couldn't let it end without sharing Emma and I's most recent outing. Even if it does have a terrible title.
Emma is currently rocking what my Grandma would refer to as a sexy boot following a nasty accident that landed her in plaster for six weeks (coincidentally, my Grandma is also rocking a sexy boot at the moment - clearly broken ankles are the in thing at the moment!). While in plaster poor Emma couldn't get out much - and as she is about the most sociable person I know, this was a great hardship - so it was only right that we celebrated the cast coming off!
Hawksmoor Air Street is the most perfect venue for any celebration. A beautiful, art deco dining room, floating above the bustle of Regent's Street, it is a sophisticated (yet totally unpretentious) retreat, bang in the middle of the action. Plus they do an express menu that is awesome value (London is expensive, pre-theatre menus allow us the high life on a budget).

^^ this is how much we were looking forward to our rather amazing starters^^
(also, you can totally tell I came straight from work by the all black ensemble)
starter: potted beef and bacon with Yorkshires. There are no words for this. I mean look at the size of it alone! Too often are express menu starters weedy little things with no taste. This was amazing. I cannot recommend it enough, and I am glad I didn't go with the shrimps on toast (which I am sure are amazing, but really, would you pass this up!).
main course: steak and chips. This is what we went for - a really good steak, and Hawksmoor delivered in spades. Unfortunately though, steak isn't very photogenic, but trust me, it was awesome! As were the chips. In fact, it was all so delicious that we didn't have room for dessert - which was a huge disappointment as I am totally positive that it would have been delicious (and I have heard good things about the salted caramel rolos too!) - but I am sure there will be a next time...
After dinner we headed over the Barrio Central to catch the end of happy hour (remember, working on a budget over here). Located in the heart of Soho, this quirky little bar-with-a-dance-floor is a great place to hangout, enjoy one of their lovely drinks and (if you haven't already eaten dinner at Hawksmoor) amazing looking nachos.
Plus the décor is amazing...you can't argue with cacti in Mexican wrestling masks.
This such a good evening, so good in fact, that it has compelled me write a blog post with an awful title all about it. Take that as a good sign!
Many thanks to Emma for sharing her pictures of the evening.

Trafalgar Square by night

Home Comforts