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Explore Your Home Turf: Detroit with Rachael

I am passionate about my city. I love exploring, finding new and interesting things to do, revisiting old favourites and really experiencing everything my town has to offer. Not too long ago I put out the challenge to explore your home turf - the reaction to this challenge has been amazing, and I am so excited that people are out exploring!
I mentioned last week that I was planning a series of posts about what inspires different people to get to know where they live better, and today I am very excited to introduce my first contributor, Rachael from Dear Ms Leigh, a British expat in Detroit, USA.
When you move countries, exploring your local area and being a tourist is a great way to not only get your bearings but to also feel settled in your new home - it gives you a certain kind of footing. But additionally in my case, I've been taking the chance to get out and explore the other side to a city that many, especially the media, like to right off. You see I live just a couple of miles outside of Detroit, the Motor City, Motown. Call it what you will it's a city that's adjusting, changing and becoming something new. 
It's too easy to downplay Detroit, to write it off, to say you never want to visit. Which I guess drives me a little extra to make of point of going Downtown - walking along the international riverfront we share with Canada, visiting Belle Isle - a city park bigger then Central Park to drooling over pastries in Greektown to spending hours at the museums and the art gallery (Detroit is credited as having one of the top art collections in the US). Best of all, so much of this is free - it would be rude not to explore but I know we probably don't spend as much time in the city as we should, it's something we're working on.
Detroit is an awesome city. It's a city on the verge of something really big and when your city is portrayed in a negative light, you really need to show it some loving. If this has sparked your interest I often write about being an English girl now living a life in the Detroit/South East area of Michigan over on my blog Dear Ms Leigh.

Thank you so much to Rachael for sharing her motivation for exploring her home turf. Has this got you inspired? I would love to hear all about your adventures, so get in touch if you would like to be part of this series!
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