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The Little Things in Life

Tuesdays always come with a little treat, on the way home from work I get to pick up one of my favourite magazines, Stylist. London has some great free magazines (other's include Time Out, ShortList, and ES), and Stylist is no exception combining style and substance, never letting the fact that it is free undermine the quality of it's content.

This week's issue, rapidly consumed on the train home this evening, was particularly inspiring - it was all about the simple things, getting back to basics, escaping tech (yes, I appreciate the irony that I am blogging about this!). It was the very last article that interested me the most, a simple back page piece, listing all of the simple pleasures that are the path to happiness. I have to admit, I haven't always found simple pleasures easy to spot, it is something that I have had to learn to do. Appreciating the little things in gives me a moment to reflect, making difficult days seem less, well, difficult!

So, in the spirit of embracing simple pleasures, I thought I would share my own!

1. walking along the river, feeling like I own the city

2. talking to old men in the supermarket about the which hummus/pitta combination is the best

3. sitting down on the sofa after a long day

4. surprise cups of tea just as things are getting stressful (if there is a biscuit or cake, all the better!)

5. putting on new socks (I'm not weird. Promise)

6. the first sip of a cold drink on a hot day

7. spending time with all the people I love, just hanging out

8. getting to explore London - whenever I want!

9. being excited about the two new puppies in my life, and all the pictures my Mum sends that cheer up my day

10. trying on a dress I haven't worn in ages, and promptly falling back in love with it

11. being in a city with amazing food

12. walking in to a pub and seeing a giant stags head on the wall. Always cheers me up.

13. making things, however simple

14. a really great cup of coffee

15. giving a compliment

16. reading the very first page of a book and knowing that I will love it and wont want to put it down

17. stumbling across the unexpected

18. strolling in the park

19. the cool breeze that is coming through my window right this moment

20. hearing from all of you out there! What are your simple pleasures?

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