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Mother Clucker

In the weeks running up to Truck Stop the words mother clucker were uttered in anticipation on a near daily basis amongst my friends. I even started to think that the whole thing might be a tiny bit over hyped. Not bad for a truck that was only on its second outing (although the chicken has been around longer).

Run by a nice man called Ross - who doesn't mind when you rock up at his truck, pint of Meantime in hand muttering things about wanting to feature the truck on your blog - Mother Clucker was definitely worth the hype.

On offer is traditional southern fried chicken: chicken marinated in sweet tea brine, coated in buttermilk and a secret blend of spices (all southern fried chicken seems to involve secret spices, mystique can only be a good thing in my book!). Served freshly made and steaming hot, the coating is the perfect consistency - just enough transfers to your fingers, and the spices just hot enough to remind you what you are eating. It is pretty great!

As well as great chicken, Mother Clucker serves up cornbread (hard to find in the UK, and my home made version is terrible), and it's very own hot sauces. It's a pretty enticing offering.


Every good food truck has a good story behind it, and Mother Clucker is no exception. An ex-military Chevy American ambulance, in a previous life it was used to save soldiers' lives. It was bought from a guy called John, a military enthusiast, who sold it so he could put a new roof on the conservatory for his wife (how many stories involve variations on that line?! There are lots of enthusiastic men out there making sacrifices!). Once it got in to Mother Clucker's hands (wings? claws?) its roof was sliced off, it was made bigger and fitted with some new fryers - it has had quite the transformation in to its current incarnation (all designed and managed by the guys at Not Tom Design)....

To find out where Mother Clucker is at next follow them on Twitter or facebook...alternatively follow the blogger with the pint of Meantime! Mother Clucker can also be found at The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston until the end of August.


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