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Lobster on a Week Night

The Southbank is one of my favourite spots in the city. The stretch between London Bridge and Waterloo is my favourite, there is so much to see and do - Borough Market in the east, the Southbank Centre in the west, the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre, plus some amazing views across the river. Walking along the bankside, taking it all in, I feel like I own the city!
Since we moved to the city five years ago after university (where did that time go?!), the Southbank has been the place where my friends congregate on a week day evening, joining the hoards of people spilling out of the bars and pubs dotted along the riverside, to hang out and about taking in the atmosphere. There are few better ways to spend a sunny evening in London!
Instigated by my dear friend Becca, this past week we headed down to the river on Wednesday night to hangout, catch up and take advantage of the heat wave that has engulfed London for the last few weeks. Strolling along, I couldn't help but take pictures and walk that little bit slower to take it all in and really appreciate just how great and complex this city really is. Sitting by the river, in the shadow of the Tate Modern, with two great friends and some gin and tonic (the only appropriate drink for very hot weather, more so than Pimms in my humble opinion, and - although this is disputed by DT - best served with cucumber), there few better places to be.


My friends like to eat almost as much as they like to drink, other people go to clubs, we go to dinner, and I don't think we have managed to meet up without eating something! On Wednesday evening we came up trumps, stumbling across B.O.B's Lobster in Borough Market. Now, I don't know about you, but I find nothing more exciting than stumbling across a food truck when I least expect one. Strolling from London Bridge station (where I had been evacuated - but that is another story), the fringes of the market were buzzing with post work drinkers and, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a pretty classy looking camper van that I must have filed under save for later as, when we started discussing dinner option, I became pretty hot on the idea of a lobster roll!
Billing itself as delightfully convenient, bourgeois dining on a paper plate B.O.B's Lobster has to be the first food truck I have been to with deck chair service (or kerb service in our case, having been beaten to the deckchairs) and cooks in bow ties. It's shiny red camper, stripy deckchairs and vintage ice boxes transport you away to the seaside, making you forget you are under a railway arch in London - it is pretty wonderful!
What is also wonderful is the food. Ah, the food! Delicious lobster a variety of ways, served up in generous portions by charming waiting staff who were suitably excited when we announced that this was Amy's very first try of lobster ever! I kept things classic with a lobster roll, delicious (huge) chunks of lobster in a sub with dressing and a pickle (I love a good pickle!), it was a dream in a plastic basket, and was very swiftly heading mouthwards. Becca chose the bisque, a thin lobster soup. Delicious as it was, I could see her eyeing other food and suspected a case of food envy! Amy, our lobster newbie, dipped her toe in the water with lobster mac and cheese - an impressive (and enviable) pot of deliciousness. Overall, the menu didn't disappoint!
B.O.B's Lobster is at Borough Market Tuesdays to Saturday 7pm to 10.30pm - highly recommended!

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