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explore your home turf

I live in London.
I was born here, and while I moved away and lived in many other places, I've been living here full time for the last five years.
I am not totally sure where that time has gone!
In my last post I commented that sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind and forget how awesome my city is....and I expect that sometime, just sometimes, you could say the same.
A few months ago I realised I was sleep walking around London, and that one day I would wake up an regret not taking advantage of everything that is on offer. So I decided to do something about it - I would start acting like a tourist (or at least an expat!) in my own town!
When I travel (and I love to travel) I do research, I engage with where I am visiting, I plan stuff to do, I don't fall in to the trap of thinking something will be there tomorrow. I see and do so much, I take so many pictures, I get so excited! And now (as this blog attests) I am getting excited about London!
I am passionate about my city, and I want you to feel the same about your home turf! So, I want to give you a challenge - get out there and explore your home turf! Try that café you have always fancied, go to that quaint museum, take a walk, go on a tour.
I want to hear all about your adventures, so tweet me, use the #exploreyourhometurf, share your snapshots on instagram  blog, email me, or share your town right here in a guest post!
I am so excited that my friend Kerrin is already in on the act, sharing her Arizona adventures, and I can't wait to hear your stories!


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