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Cowley Road Carnival

This weekend I headed up to Oxford for the Cowley Road Carnival - a massive celebration of the diverse communities in East Oxford, conveniently located on my parent's doorstep!
There are few events where young men clutching cans of red stripe dance in the street alongside middle aged women in aprons...the Cowley Road Carnival is one of them!

The great thing about this carnival is that the whole community gets involved - the schools participate in the parade; local restaurants set up street stalls selling delicious food; the record shop (Truck - awesome) hosted a stage; George and Delila was out in force; and the knitting shop (Fibreworks - also awesome) arranged a little yarn bombing (the bunting above was made by my Mum!) - and that is only the start! 

The highlight of any carnival is, of course, the parade, and this was no exception! Themed around 100 years of car manufacturing in Oxford (home to the mini, in case you didn't know!), the precession cut through the enthusiastic crowd (at points including them in the parade - don't you love it when there are no barriers!) on foot, bikes, roller blades, banging drums and dancing - it was pretty great! So great in fact, that this rather picture heavy post is just a few of the pictures that I took!



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