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Meantime Brewing Company

If you follow me on twitter then you may have noticed my enthusiastic tweets about the Meantime Brewing Company tour on Saturday afternoon, and even now - after the samples have worn off - I am still pretty enthusiastic!

Tours like this can often go one of two ways, either they are laid back yet informative, or they are over complicated and akin to a sedative. This tour was very much the former. Led by knowledgeable beer sommelier (yep, that is a real job) Jack, the tour opened with two pitchers of beer and the line 'will that be enough? We can refill them...' - so far, so good! 
Beer in hand, Jack proceeded to fill us in on the history of craft brewing in the UK and USA, take us on a tour of the brewery and explain how the brewing process works (as well as why Meantime is the most expensive beer on the bar).  
Tour over, it was on to a tasting - which I would like to rename beer through the ages - where Jack talked us through a number of different beers from a dark porter, to a light fizzy IPA explaining how the beers had developed over time. It was pretty interesting to hear how beer has developed and changed alongside our society.

The tour costs £15 per person, which I think is really reasonable given its quality, and on Friday and Saturday nights they do a pie and pint night, which looks pretty awesome!
Now I can't profess to have any great interest in beer, brewing, the craft movement...however, even I found this tour pretty engaging and I wouldn't mind a Yakima Red again! My Dad and brother (both beer fans) really enjoyed it (both for the beer and for the information!). As I said before, these type of tours can go either way, and this one is a winner.

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