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making progress

This week brought some pretty significant (at least for me) progress on the running front.
Firstly, my ankle is officially better, and I don't need to wear my horrible, uncomfortable bandage any more! For the first time in nearly a month I have actually been able to lace my trainers up properly! If you have ever worn an ankle support you will know how uncomfortable they are, so this development makes me very happy!
Secondly, I have reached the point in my training programme where I am actually running for 'proper' amounts of time, as opposed to a few minutes on, a few minutes off! This is really exciting for me as I never really believed that running for 20 minutes was possible, and now I am at a point where I feel I could do more! I am so excited (and a teeny bit smug).
Over the next few weeks I am hoping to up my run even more and make progress towards my 10k goal. It is a scary and exciting time, but I feel so proud of how far I have come, and this is motivating me to keep going so I can find out what I can really do!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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