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a weird utopia - Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, in London's East End, is an area of town that is equally interesting and odd.

I remember when I first ventured out there I felt like I had landed in an Orwellian landscape - all glass high-rises and elevated railways with driverless trains. It was inherently odd, and a little uneasy. This sense was further emphasised by the fact that many of surrounding areas are pretty poor - the glittering tower blocks rubbing shoulders with run down social housing, great riches next to real poverty.

The more time I've spent in 'the Wharf', the more I have come to appreciate its oddness. Sky high buildings with shiny intimidating foyers are punctuated with manicured open spaces. Water invades from all sides, bringing with it interesting visitors such as navy ships and giant rubber ducks. There is even a resident seal. 

A constant buzz circles this strange scrap of dockland, even in the earliest hours someone will be hurrying somewhere. That is until the weekend, when an eerie calm descends it is the calmest place in London
* the food truck is wahaca - Mexican street food, I would highly recommend it!

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